ScienceBeam   offers a wide variety of products for electrophysiology and neuroengineering research                                          











All in one system to record exteracellular signals








NRC lab Iran












eWave + stimulator

portable EP-EMG / NCV recording device


                 rot ePulseeWave4s


















A Multi-purpose Wireless device for a wide range of research and teaching applications.







The best solution ever for EXG,(EEG,ECG,EMG,EOG)- ECoG


















A portable electrical and Mechanical Stimulatars and Pulse generator 







  • Deep brain stimulation


  • Brain stimulator






eLab mini 


All in one system to record exteracellular signals, only 20 gr for brain implants

















  • Deep brain stimulation


  • Brain Implants (monkey or rat ) 



  • ECG Implants/ EMG Implants







  • Intracellular and patch clamp recording System



Mechanical stimulator


A mechanical stimulus generator for studying of somatosensory system




  • Up to 1000µs mechanical displacement of rat and cat vibrissae


  • Timing and speed controlling of mechanical displacement


Software (eProbe)



A powerful software for recording, sorting and analysis of exteralcellular action potentials.


 spike sorter is a high performance and user friendly software, desigened for visualizing and classifying action potential signals spikes and PSTH collected from single and micro-arrey electrodes.



 ECG/EMG/EEG/LFP signal recording




Potent EEG,LFP and single unit data analysis software