eProbe is all in one software for Recording/online sorting/analysis (animal) AND Powerful Biofeedback/ERP/EXG software (human)

eProbe is the most simple, easy and powerful software you ever seen for electrophysiological approches (Flexible and user friendly).

It offers clinicians and researchers lots of protocols for differnt type of treatmet and research strategies.

supoorted devices: eLab2/eLab4/ eWave8C,16C,32C/ eWave8D,16D,32D, ...

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Download the eProbe folder ( zip file) which contains essential files of program except the exe file. You need to extract the eProbe folder.

To update to the newer version of eProbe, just add the latest version (exe file) listed below to the eProbe folder you alreay have.

   eProbe folder essential files of eProbe software   2.02 MB
   eProbe5.4.5.0                      compatible with windows 7, 8.1 and 10  released on 07/31/2016 1.50 MB
   eProbe5.7.0.0 NEW compatible with windows 7, 8.1 and 10  released on 09/04/2016 1.56 MB





eProbe A Microsoft Windows Based  EEG,  field potential and single unit recording  and analysis software. 

DEMO ZIP file contains an EEG recorded signal + a template for EEG recording and doing neurofeedback (it's application mentioned in Farsi neurofeedback manual)

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   eProbe Manual NEW version                                       PDF                          8.26 MB
   eProbe User guide OLD version   PDF 6.79 MB
   eProbe Neurofeedback Manual (Farsi)   PDF 5.58 MB
   DEMO (EEG SIGNAL+ Template EEG recording)   ZIP 89.4 KB



Neurofeedback Evaluation and Protocols



  Neurofeedback Evaluation data sheets ( Hemisphere comparison, Attention index, Baseline) Excel                         45.6 KB





 Related files


   USB driver for winows 8.1 and 10 ( necessary to USB connection) EXE                          4.95 MB
   SBC Driver ( to work with electromodule) ZIP 1.16 MB
   DotNet Framework 4 EXE 48.11 MB




Old softwares 

eProbe1.42 A Microsoft Windows Based  EEG and field potential  and single unit recording recording  and analysis software.

NeuroTrace A Microsoft Windows Based EEG, field potential recording and analysis software:

NeuroTrace (version1.84 / Electromodule & D3111 Data Acquisition) Download

NeuroComet A Microsoft Windows Based  Multi Protocol Extracellular single unit recording  and analysis software:

NeuroComet (version 1.06 for D3108 & D3109 Data Acquisition) 

NeuroComet (version 1.91 for D3111 Data Acquisition) 

Potentalize 2.05 A strong  software for  EEG , field potential and Single unit data analysis:

Potentalize Download (We recommend new users to buy eProbe)

Biochart A Microsoft Windows Based  EEG and field potential recording  and analysis software:

Biochart (version 1.53 for D3108 Data Acquisition ) Download

Spike A Microsoft Windows Based Extracellular single unit recording and analysis software:

Spike (version 1.40 for D3108 & D3109 Data Acquisition) Download