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Effective software for neurofeedback data Recording and analysis!



The eWave comes with the flexible and user friendly eProbe software. It offers clinicians and researchers lots of protocols for different types of treatment      and research strategies. 


  eProbe introduces you different components of the protocol that you can use during or after each session to play or analyze data.


  Download:  eLife Demo


  eLife UserManual ------ A Tutorial on How to Work with NeuroFeedBack, 2014 October


  eProbe User Manual ------ Updated version, 2016 June







 All You Need in Biofeedback Traning 


In eProbe, every page provides you with a context to add different components of the protocol. Here is a brief introduction of different components.





Play Video, Movie or Game



Game component enables clients to play video, movie or game.

It plays based on the client’s brain waves reflected on Bar panels and according to the features you have specifed.

Using this component, you can select the type of the game and the file that you want to display. You can also change the logic or rule of the play. 






See The Signal Both in Time and Frequency Domain








Brain Map of a Specific Band 




 You can select one of the Gaussian, Cubic Spline or Linear Spline methods to calculate the QEEG.

 You can choose one of the predefined EEG bands on the setting table or enter a band in the forms of StartBand-StopBand.

 You may use one or multiple channels and put their leads on specific locations of the brain using 10/20 system. 






Analyze The Whole Data in Different Bands




After recording data you may need to see the whole data and analyze it.

eProbe provides you with a scope and a text panel to show the signal and the FFT power of each of the bands that you want.

You can select one or multiple bands and see the corresponding values in the text panel.

By default, this panel shows the latest file that you have previously recorded. But, you can change the analyze file and some other properties in the setting table.






The Online FFT Power of Your Desired Band


In FFT panel, you can see the square of the instantaneous FFT power of your desired band.  

You may want to see the FFT of specific EEG band or any other frequency band that you want.

You can choose one of the predefined EEG bands on the setting table or enter a band in the forms of Start Band - StopBand. 






The Colored FFT with A Threshold 


The Bar component calculates the square of the FFT power of the band that you have selected and displays it using a coloed bar.

It also shows weather this value is less or more than your desired threshold and considers it as a logic for the Game panel.

This logic is used in Game panel as a command or rule that determines how the game should play.

You can see both the value of the FFT power and the value of the logic in the Bar panel.

The FFT power is displayed in lower part of the bar and the logic is displayed in color form. It is green/red for upper than threshold and red/green for lower than threshold in Non Inverted/Inverted mode.





The Colored FFT with Two Thresholds 


Light component calculates the square of the FFT power of the band that you have selected and compares it with two thresholds.

If the value is more than both thresholds the light shows green color.

If it is less than both thresholds the color is red and if it is in the middle, the color is orange.





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