ePulse®Wireless Stimulus Isolator




ePulse®Wireless Stimulus Isolator 1&2 Channel

 Light weight and Low power

Stimulus Isolator

4 channel Pulse generator

Professional mixer for stiumulus Patern desinging

Powerful protocol design software











Features and  Specification

Electrical  stimulator Mode Constant current, Unipolar, Isolated
Number of channels Optional, 1 or 2
Current range 0 to 4mA  or  0 to 20mA (optional)
Current resolution 1µA or 5µA (optional)
Output waveform DC or current pulse
current control Yes, software controll by 12 bit DAC
Current amplitude error 3LSB (maximum)
Polarity inversion Yes, software controll by Relay
Output switch Yes, software controll by Relay
Output voltage compliance 150V
Current rise time and delay 5μs, typical (1KΩ load)
Current fall time and delay 5μs, typical (1KΩ load)
Isolation type Optical
Isolation voltage 2500V
Isolation resistance 10 12
Pulse generator         
 Experiment protocols  Single trial, Multi trial , Single protocol, Multi-protocol
 Stimulation Timing pattern  4
 Pattern parameters  Delay, Pulse duration, Pulse cycle, Pulse Numbers, Trial period, Trial Number
 Timing pattern resolution  10us
 Mixers  2ch Internal stimulator, 2ch Mechanical stimulator , 2ch Digital outs,
 Mixer Inputs  Pattern1, Pattern2, Pattern3, Pattern4, Digital Input1, Digital Input2




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